Friday, September 18, 2009

Musicality Workshops for Tango Dancers 2009 by TanguerIN

with Ivo and Nadia

28 September, Monday
7.00 pm - 10.00 pm - traditional tango

30 September, Wednesday
7.00 pm - 10.00 pm - contemporary tango (nuevo and electronico)

Location: The Czech/Slovak Club, 15 Krakra St., Sofia
Price: 20 lv. per workshop
Note: Each workshop is 180 min. long with a 15 min. break in the middle

The aim of these workshops is to present the specifics of argentine tango as a musical genre, as it is played today at the milongas around the world - from the orchestras before and during the Golden Age of tango to the electronic tango which has grown in polularity during the last decade.

The workshops will be led by Ivo and Nadia, founders of TanguerIN Studio, for whom the dancing of tango is unthinkable without knowing and loving the music. Long-time tango music collector and DJ, Ivo often gives similar workshops in Bulgaria and Switzerland.

The idea behind these workshops is that in tango dancing apart from the connection within the couple there is another very important connection - between the dance movement and the music that is being played. In the context of the improvised dance, such as the authentic argentine tango, knowing the music and the interpretations of the various orchestras is of extreme importance if one is to feel the inner magic and beauty of tango and to use the body as a musical instrument with which to "play" the music.

The workshops cover the following topics:
- the characteristics of the rhythm and the melody of argentine tango and the difference between the rhythmical base and the melodic rhythm
- the role of the various instruments
- the differences in the interpretation and the arrangements of the famous orchestras
- getting to know the form and the structure of tango music and how to predict the music in the case of unknown pieces.
- applying all of the above in the dance, using various figures corresponding to specific rhythmical or melodic elements and to the style of the various orchestras; how to do this improvising while dancing to known or unknown pieces.

It is not necessary to sign-up with a partner, although it is always appreciated if you bring someone along :-). During the workshops we will work individually and in couples and we will, of course, change partners.

It is not necessary to have any theoretical musical knowledge, the workshops are for people with no musical education. However, it is necessary that you already dance tango (min. 3 months experience). In general, the more experienced dancers will profit more from the material covered, however, we recommend the workshops to everyone who loves the music of argentine tango, wants to learn more about it and to enrich their dance with new ideas and figures.

We hope to make you enjoy dancing tango!