Thursday, March 22, 2007

Rousse Winery launches 4 wines celebrating the tango

Rousse Winery, one of leading wine producers in Bulgaria, presents in its 2007 catalogue a new wine series named Tango - a pleasant surprise for wine lovers as well as for those who are attracted by the passionate dance. Ivo and Nadia, founders of TanguerIN Studio, were invited to promote the new collection by presenting the dance on the labels and the advertising materials of the new wines. For this purpose a special photo session was shot by the photographer Pavel Chervenkov. The concept for the promotion and presentation of the new wines was prepared by Janev & Janev Agency.

Friday, March 2, 2007

Women's technique workshop with Radka Šulcová (Prague)

TanguerIN presents:
W O M E N ' S   T E C H N I Q U E

with Radka Šulcová, a visiting teacher from the Czech Republic (

3rd March 2007, Saturday

2.00 p.m. - 5.00 p.m.
(2 x 1.5h with a short break)

Miguel's Dance Studio, 20th April No 13

Price: 14 lv.

Radka is an experienced tango dancer and teacher, currently teaching in Prague at Caminito.Cz ( Women's technique classes are one of her specialities, she partucularly likes doing them because for her it is "a nice time full of feminine energy" and within a short period of time she can give a lot of ideas, interesting feelings, understanding of the followers role and exercises.

The workshop will focus on improvement of the dancing technique, better feeling and understanding of the role of follower,  better adapting to a different dancing styles of leaders.

Participants are advised to bring both dancing shoes and socks (1st part is without shoes) as well as to wear comfortable clothes (t-shirts, comfortable pants etc.).