Sunday, December 12, 2004

TanguerIN Studio launched on the Day of Tango, 11 December 2004

TanguerIN Studio was officially launched on 11 December, 2004, Argentina's National Day of Tango. TanguerIN Studio is founded by Ivo Parushev and Nadia Assenova, dancers and aficionados of tango argentino from Bulgaria. The aim of the new organization is to promote the dance, the music, the culture and the spirit of argentine tango in Bulgaria by organizing regular dance classes, workshops, milongas, concerts and other cultural and art events.

TanguerIN Studio announced its launch at a special milonga party organized in celebration of Argentina's National Day of Tango with DJ Ivo and featuring live tango music by the duo Itzhak Finzi (violin) and Vassil Parmakov (piano). All guests received as a present a CD with tango music.