Tuesday, March 4, 2008

TanguerIN Studio changes its teaching staff and location

As of March 2008 Ivo and Nadia will stop teaching the regular weekly classes at TanguerIN Studio as they will be relocating to Switzerland. They will continue to oversee the activities of TanguerIN traveling between Bulgaria and Switzerland and focusing on administrative and organizational work. They will also teach occasional special workshops when they are in Sofia.

All regular classes and practicas of TanguerIN Studio, including the courses for absolute beginners, will be taught by Stoyan and Aneta, two of the most experienced TanguerIN students, who have been with TanguerIN Studio since its beginning in 2005 and have often assisted Ivo and Nadia in their teaching activities.

TanguerIN officially closes its Lozenets Studio on 51 Zlatovruh Street and transfers all of its classes, workshops and practicas to the Czech Club Ballroom on 15 Krakra St.

In addition to this, from 1st April 2008, TanguerIN Studio will replace its Tango Bar milonga that currently takes place on Wednesday at the Czech Club Ballroom with a weekly practica on the same day and at the same time as the milonga.

These changes will not affect in any way the quality of TanguerIN's activites - their sole purpose is to optimize their structure and to increase the efficiency of the work of the TanguerIN team much to the benefit of all those who attend the various classes and events.