Monday, August 24, 2009

Argentine maestros Natalia Games and Gabriel Angio teach workshops in Sofia

TanguerIN Studio presents:

Workshop schedule and topics


7.00 pm - 8.30 pm
Т1 - Tango Fundamentals: Structure of tango, role of the partners, essential vocabulary. (Beginners)

8.45 pm - 10.15 pm
TMV1 - Tango, Milonga & Vals 1: Fundamentals of the 3 dance forms of the Argentine tango. Technique, musicality and playful vocabulary. (Intermediate/Advanced)


7.00 pm - 8.30 pm
T2 - Natalia and Gabriel's Favorites: Daring and playful experimentations with the masters.  (Advanced)

8.45 pm - 10.15 pm
TMV2 - Tango, Milonga & Vals 2 (continuation class from TMW1): Advance technique and musicality.  Intriguing figures such as "enrosques" in vals, and "vaivenes" in milonga. (Intermediate/Advanced)

Additional information:

Location: All workshops will take place at the Czech Club Ballroom, on 15 Krakra St., Sofia.

Price: 25 lv. per workshop per person until 31st October, 30 lv./workshop/person after that

Language: All classes will be taught in English, additional explanations in Spanish are possible

Registration and payment: Registration starts from 1st September and will be strictly with a partner. NEW! It is possible that two followers register with one leader, counting as 1 couple, if they agree to work together as a group. Places are limited to 15 couples per class. Registration can be made by email on info[at]tanguerin[dot]com, however, it will be valid only upon receipt of payment within 5 days. Payment in cash can be made during any events by TanguerIN (classes, milongas etc.) For payment by bank transfer, please, contact us by mail and we will send you detailed instructions.

Information about the maestros:

Natalia Games and Gabriel Angio belong to the group of the world-class tango couples, who have marked the development of argentine tango in the last two decades. They started their joint professional career as tango dancers in 1991.  In 1992 they were invited to dance in one of the most famous tango companies of all times, Tango x 2 for which they worked 5 years. During this period they performed in almost every big theater in the world as part of the shows Homenaje a Gardel, Perfumes de Tango and Una noche de Tango. In 2001 they formed their own dance company, "Plan B", with which they produced two shows - "Tango Under Construction" in 2001 and "Plan B Tango" in 2004. All these years, whether in a milonga or on a theatre stage, their performances have always been characterized by high professionalism, dynamism and breathtaking elegance.

Natalia and Gabriel are of that rare breed of tango dancers who are equally renowned as performers and teachers. In their classes they teach the style of dancing emblematic for the porteños, starting with the legacy of their own masters (legends such as Antonio Todaro, Pepito Avellaneda, Mingo Pugliese, Lampazo and others), then adding their own "new generation" flavor to show you the secrets of tango as it is danced today in the milongas of Buenos Aires. For many years they have been giving regular classes in famous Buenos Aires milongas such as Parakultural, Gricel, Club Almagro, Salon Canning etc., inspiring and teaching many of today's young argentine tango stars.

Few are the countries where Natalia and Gabriel have not yet worked as guest teachers or dancers, and there is hardly a major tango festival in the world on which they have not been invited. The festivals of Berlin, Lausanne, Sitges, Bologna, Miami, Oslo, Paris, London, Stockholm, Genova, Tel-Aviv, Sidney and many others have featured the maestros in the past years. They have also received numerous invitations from important non-tango events. Those include the World Dance Festival in Tokyo, where in 2003 they have danced for an audience of some 10,000 people in Nippon Budokan, the Classic Open Air 2002 in Berlin, where they performed with the Deutches Filmorchester Babelsberg, a special demonstration to Mikhail Baryshnikov in 2003, to name but a few.

Following its practice to bring tango dancers of international reputation to Bulgaria, TanguerIN Studio invited Gabriel and Natalia to give 4 classes for tango dancers from different levels in Sofia from 16 to 18 November 2009. Undoubtedly, their visit will allow tango fans in Bulgaria to experience the art and teaching of maestros that have contributed to the shaping of today's argentine tango.

Visit Natalia and Gabriel's website here

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