Friday, September 23, 2005

La Milonguita Party at Classica Art Gallery by TanguerIN

Starting from October 2005 TanguerIN Tango Studio organizes a tango party La Milonguita every Friday from 8 pm at the Classica Art Gallery in Sofia. The Gallery is notable for its collection of classical Bulgarian paintings. La Milonguita is an effort to combine the spirit of the tango with the spirit of the classical Bulgarian fine art. Classica Art Gallery is located on 32 Yuri Venelin St.
Photo: Krassimir Stoyanov

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Black-and-white milonga by TanguerIN

Black and white - as a silent movie, an old photograph, the keys of a piano, the tiles on the floor of a tango bar in Buenos Aires! TanguerIN Tango Studio organized for all tango lovers to a black & white milonga on 21st September 2005, in the Sports and Entertainment Club on 3 Kaloyan St. in Sofia. There was a prize draw for those dressed in black & white!