Friday, September 1, 2006

The Tango Bar milonga by TanguerIN closes down temporarily

The Tango Bar milonga which has been organized by TanguerIN Studio since May 2005 will be temporarily suspended as its current venue, the Sports and Entertainment Club on 3 Kaloyan Street will undergo changes and its restrucutred space will not allow for the milonga to take place. The TanguerIN team will be looking for a new venue for the milonga and when such venue is found the milonga will reopen. With its theme evenings and relaxed atmosphere Tango Bar has turned into one of the most visited milongas in Sofia and it is quite unfortunate that it has to close down at the height of its popularity. Hopefully a new venue will be found soon.

TanguerIN also discontinues all its classes and workshops at the Sports and Entertainment Club and will transfer all of its weekend tango activites to the Latin Dance Studio of Miguel Rodriguez on 20th April St. No 13 near Ruski Pametnik.