Monday, December 20, 2010

Tanguerin announces important changes in its activites and vision

Following a restructuring in its organization and the transfer of its teaching activities to the association, TanguerIN announces the following important changes:

TanguerIN suspends all its teaching and educational activites until further notice and will focus on the promotion, organization and production of stage and social events related to argentine tango as well as music and dance in general, which may include, but not limited to, concerts, shows, theatre performances, milongas, DJ parties, festivals and others. Another priority of TanguerIN will be to bring and present in Bulgaria established foreign artists, including musicans and dancers, and to foster their cooperation with local artists and organizers for the creation of interesting mutual projects of high quality that will enrich the cultural and artistic life in Bulgaria.

To mark these policy changes and the beginning of a new period in its existence Tanguerin drops the word "Studio" from its brand name as well as the capitalization of the last two letters which have until now represented the first initials of the names of its founders, Ivo and Nadia. In addition to this, Tanguerin addopts a new logo which will have a black and white as well as a color version as shown in the pictures below.

Following the announced changes, the Tanguerin Team hopes to better fulfill its objectives reflected in the organization's new mission statement which is "to bring joy, emotional pleasure, artisitc spirituality and culutral awareness through quality entertainment in the area of music and dance".

Tanguerin's new logo:

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A new Bulgarian non-profit tango association unites several Bulgarian tango teachers

Members of the TanguerIN Team have initiated and co-founded together with two other couples a new non-profit association under the name of The aim of the association is to serve as a platform for coordination and unification of the activities of different tango schools as well as the launch of new initiatives related to tango. The new association will also support young local talents wishing to embark on a tango teaching career as well as enthusiasts striving to organize tango-related events throughout Bulgaria.  Following this development TanguerIN Studio informs its friends, students and fans that as of 1st January 2011 it will transfer all its Argentine tango classes to the new association. In addition, TanguerIN places its studio premises on 15 Krakra St. at the disposal of for all classes, practicas and milongas of the association.  А detailed schedule of the classes (including new initiation groups) can be found on the official website of