Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Día Del Tango 2007

TanguerIN Studio together with Art Center Altera

D Í A   D E L   T A N G O   2 0 0 7
T A N G O   D A Y   2 0 0 7

with the support of the Embassy of the Argentinean Republic

11 December
Sofia Hall and Art Center Altera
Interpred, 36 Dragan Tzankov Blvd

Free entrance

Partners: Rousse Winery, Altera Publishing House, LaokoonTango


6.00 p.m.
Screening of the documentary
(2005, Argentina, directed by Daniel Rivas)
Location: Sofia Hall

7.30 p.m.
Location: Art Center Altera
Opening of the exhibition of paintings by Fanna Kolarova and tango clothes by Corte Y Quebrada. Complimentary glass of wine from Rousse Winery.

8.00 p.m.
Location: Sofia Hall
Tango dancing to the music of the great Argentinean tango orchestras from the Golden Age to the present days.
Special show performances by the dancers and teachers from the tango clubs in Sofia:
Ivaylo and Gabriela (LaokoonTango)
Dobrin and Ivayla (SofiaTango)
Ivo & Nadia (TanguerIN Studio)

11 December, Tango Day, the birthday of the legendary Carlos Gardel

11 December is the birth date of two of the most celebrated persons in tango - the legendary singer and composer Carlos Gardel (born in 1890) and the violinist and composer Julio De Caro, one of the first innovators in tango history. Owing to the the importance of this day it has been proclaim a National tango day in Argentina in 1977. With the spectacular growth of the interest in argentine tango around the world tango lovers in many countries started to celebrate this day and has gradually acquired international fame.

The documentary "Abrazos, Tango en Buenos Aires

The Argentinean documentary directed by Daniel Rivas encompasses nine days of concerts and dancing, introduces the greatest tango artists, their performances, their experiences, their testimonies: the Sexteto Mayor, Horacio Salgán, Adriana Varela, María Graña, Raúl Lavié, Rubén Juárez, Color Tango, Luis Borda, Julio Pane, Juanjo Dominguez, El Arranque, and so many more. This documentary follows the history of Tango and Buenos Aires, the participation of thousands of tourists and residents, and will return us to the moments when more than 300 couples from all over the world competed in the hopes of obtaining the first world championship in tango dancing.

Fanna Kolarova (Germany, Bulgaria) and her tango paintings and clothes.

Fanna Kolarova was born in 1949. She is a graduate of the National Art Academy in Sofia (wall painting) and Kunsthochschule Berlin - Weissensee. From 1974 she lives and works as a free lance artist in Berlin. She is a renowned author of interior and exterior art decoration projects, many of which commissioned by various institutions in Germany. Her works including wall paintings, facades and decoration panels, scultuptures etc. decorate administrative and industrial buildings, hospitals, office and public spaces in many German cities and towns. In 1999 her name was included in the official list of artists to be commissioned for decorating new government buildings in Berlin. With her paintings Fanna has taken part in more than 40 exhibitions and has had over 15 individual exhibitions across Europe.

In Berlin Fanna is attracted by the irresistible charm of the argentine tango and in 1998 she starts dancing and attending regular tango events. Since then the tango finds a special place in her works and is the main theme of 4 of her exhibitions of oil paintings in Berlin and Sofia. The paintings which will be shown on 11 December were created in the period between 2000 and 2007 using oil and mixed technique. The diversity of colors and moods is inspired by the unique spirit and aesthetics of tango fine tuned by the personal experience of the artist and her encounter with the emotional world of the music and the dance. The focus is the dancing couple, its state of unity beyond time and space. Feelings well known to everyone who had succumbed to the addictive embrace of the tango are exposed in a unique and deeply personal manner by the paintings of Fanna Kolarova.

Along with dancing and painting Fanna also designs clothes In 2006 she presented her own designer collection in an art performance entitled "A dance class" at the Potsdamer Platz Arkaden shopping center in Berlin and she has been invited to participate in the 2008 German female designer fair at the Frauen Museum in Bonn. On 11 December Fanna will present a collection of clothes for tango made for the newly established label Corte Y Quebrada.

Friday, November 2, 2007

TanguerIN Studio will teach argentine tango to participants in the TV dance competition Dance With Me

The team of TanguerIN Studio was invited to participate as consultants and choreographers in the second part of the amateur TV dance competition show Dance With Me produced by bTV and Slavi Show. TanguerIN studio will help 4 of the 12 competition finalists prepare and perform a dance piece with argentine tango. This is the first time argentine tango is presented in a TV dance reality show in Bulgaria. Dance With Me is currently rated as the most popular TV show in the country and TanguerIN Studio hopes that its involvment in it will help promote the dance and culture of argentine tango in Bulgaria.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

TanguerIN starts ::tangoteca:: - a new tango event concept

As of 1st November 2007 TanguerIN starts a new weekly tango event called ::tangoteca:: combining a traditional milonga and a contemporary tango afterparty. It takes place every Thursday evening in an underground club on 18 Vitosha Blvd. (also known as the "Deep Down Club" or the former 18+ club)

The concept of ::tangoteca:: is to provide a place to dance and communicate to those who love argentine tango in all of its forms and styles. The evening begins with a dance class for all levels and continues with a party, the first part of which is a milonga in the best traditions of Buenos Aires, with music mainly from and in the style of the great orchestras from the Golden Age of tango. In the second part, the party continues with contemporary tango music with emphasis on electronic tango compiled with some tango nuevo and some alternative non-tango music, appreciated by tango dancers. The idea of ::tangoteca:: is to bring together in one evening dancers from different generations, with different music preferences and dance styles to enjoy the magic of argentine tango in all its variations and reincarnations. The official blog of the new event is