Thursday, November 1, 2007

TanguerIN starts ::tangoteca:: - a new tango event concept

As of 1st November 2007 TanguerIN starts a new weekly tango event called ::tangoteca:: combining a traditional milonga and a contemporary tango afterparty. It takes place every Thursday evening in an underground club on 18 Vitosha Blvd. (also known as the "Deep Down Club" or the former 18+ club)

The concept of ::tangoteca:: is to provide a place to dance and communicate to those who love argentine tango in all of its forms and styles. The evening begins with a dance class for all levels and continues with a party, the first part of which is a milonga in the best traditions of Buenos Aires, with music mainly from and in the style of the great orchestras from the Golden Age of tango. In the second part, the party continues with contemporary tango music with emphasis on electronic tango compiled with some tango nuevo and some alternative non-tango music, appreciated by tango dancers. The idea of ::tangoteca:: is to bring together in one evening dancers from different generations, with different music preferences and dance styles to enjoy the magic of argentine tango in all its variations and reincarnations. The official blog of the new event is