Monday, May 21, 2012

The Tanguerin team left the Association

Last week the members of the management team of Tanguerin left the Association, the organization which they had initiated and co-founded a year and a half ago. Ivo and Nadia, founders and directors of Tanguerin, discontinued their membership in and resigned from's board of directors. Ivo also stepped down as co-chairman of The main reasons for this move was Ivo and Nadia's isolation from the decision-making process at due to their current residency outside Bulgaria, as well as the arising conflict of interests with respect to their work for Tanguerin.

Although Tanguerin may continue to cooperate with on certain occasions, Ivo and Nadia should no longer be associated with the activities of This will allow them to focus on the development of Tanguerin and will open possibilities for partnerships with other tango organizations in Bulgaria.