Monday, August 20, 2007

Exhibition of paintings by Fanna Kolarova at TanguerIN Studio

Between 20th August and 30th October the TanguerIN Studio space will turn into an art gallery presenting oil and mixed technique paintings by Fanna Kolarova, an accomplished Bulgarian with residence in Berlin. She is also an experienced tango dancers and she devotes many of her paintings to the music and the dance of tango, depicting the atmosphere and the spiritual world of tango in a way possible only for an insider.

Fanna Kolarova was born in 1949. She is a graduate of the National Art Academy in Sofia (wall painting) and Kunsthochschule Berlin - Weissensee. From 1974 she lives and works as a free lance artist in Berlin. She is a renowned author of interior and exterior art decoration projects, many of which commissioned by various institutions in Germany. She has in her portfolio a great number of works including wall paintings (wet and dry frescoes), facades and decoration panels (painted ceramics, varnish, aliminium) and scultuptures (metal, color paper etc.) which decorate administrative and industrial buildings, hospitals office and public spaces in many German cities and towns, among them Berlin, Hamburg, Potsdam, Oranienburg, Birkenverder, Henigsdorf, Kotbus, Hesen and others.  She was commissioned to make the artistic design and decoration of the center of Oranienburg including a mural with the history of the town (mosaic, stone and color glass) and a fountain of stone and concrete. She has decorated offices and administration building of large German companies including Deutsche Telekom, DeTe-Imobilien and Sireo (facades, decoration panels, wall paintings and full interior decoration). In 1999 her name was included in the official list of artists to be commissioned for decorating new government buildings in Berlin.

With her paintings Fanna has taken part in more than 40 exhibitions and has had over 15 individual exhibitions. She has exhibited in galleries, cultural centers, cathedrals, and other spaces in Berlin, Potsdam, Baden-Baden, Heidelberg, Paris, Amsterdam, Rotterdam. Antwerp, Sofia, Plovdiv, Thessaloniki, Constance and many other cities in Europe.

In Berlin Fanna is attracted by the irresistible charm of the argentine tango and in 1998 she starts dancing and attending regular tango events. Since then the tango finds a special place in her works and is the main theme of 4 of her exhibitions of oil paintings in Berlin and Sofia. Along with dancing and painting Fanna also designs clothes and in 2006 participates with her own designer collection in an art performance entitled "A dance class" at the Potsdamer Platz Arkaden shopping center in Berlin.

The paintings exhibited at TanguerIN Studio were created in the period between 2000 and 2007 using oil and mixed technique. The diversity of colors and moods is inspired by the unique spirit and aesthetics of tango fine tuned by the personal experience of the artist and her encounter with the emotional world of the music and the dance. The focus is the dancing couple, its state of unity beyond time and space. Feelings well known to everyone who had succumbed to the addictive embrace of the tango are exposed in a unique and deeply personal manner by the paintings of Fanna Kolarova.


The tango paintings by Fanna Kolarova are on display for those who attend the regular events at TanguerIN Studio. Private views can be arranged for everybody else every weekday between 5.00 pm and 6.00 pm upon appointment.

Address: TanguerIN Studio, Lozenets area, 51 Zlatovruh St. (down the stairs in the shop/office area at the basement level)