Friday, May 11, 2007

Tango Nuevo weekend with argentinean maestros Ismael Ludman and Maria Mondino

TanguerIN Studio organizes a special long weekend dedicated to the tango nuevo style of dancing from 14 till 17th June 2007 in Sofia, featuring one of the main protagonists of today's contemporary tango scene, the argentine dancers Ismael Ludman and Maria Mondino. The event is organized in partnership with the Red House Center For Cultutre and Debate in Sofia which will host a special introduction dance class with Ismael and Maria and a big milonga party with shows by the argentine maestros.


Maria Mondino started her career with renowned milonguero Juan Durso in La Plata, Argentina. In 1999 she moved to Buenos Aires where she focused on creative tango and started to work extensively with Gustavo Naveira. She has also worked with Maurico Castro & Carla Marano, "Chicho" Frumboli & Eugenia Parilla, and Pablo Inza. The style she is interested in, and tries to develop and promote, is the result of a search: the idea of generating consciousness of the movement, the systematization of concepts, as well as a clear and defined pedagogy. She stimulates her search to achieve quality and organic movement, as well as warmth, expressiveness and connection in the dance. She also has experience in theatre, flamenco, contemporary dance and release technique, which complement her overall formation as a dancer. Since 1999 Maria has been teaching tango on a regular basis in Argentina and in Europe. In Buenos Aires she has taught at Mora Godoy Studios, Tango Brujo Academy, Centro Cultural La Fragua and she has taken part as teacher and performer in tango festivals, shows and instructional videos. She has taught workshops in many cities around the world including London, Pisa, Rotterdam, Barcelona, Istanbul, Berlin, Basel, Paraguay, TangoCamp in Heinola (Finland) and others.

Ismael Ludman is an artist, part of a generation of young Argentine dancers, whose curiosity led him to penetrate into the great diversity of schools and teachers within the tango of Buenos Aires in the search of a dynamical, improvised and organic tango. He has extensively worked with Gustavo Naveira, and Chicho. He has taught together with Sebastian Arce and Mariana Montes, Melina Bruffman and Claduio Gonzales and others. His formation as a dancer includes also such artistic disciplines as Contact Improvisation, Eutonia, Butoh and Dance-Theatre. He is at the cutting edge of tango development promoting a style with a focus on communication, expressiveness and a relaxed way of dancing. Ismael is a confident, eloquent and accomplished teacher. Based in Buenos Aires, his teaching  spots include the well known Centro Cultural Borges. He is known in Buenos Aires by his creative alternatives on tango. He is actively involved in new age tango performances and other artistic projects. Beyond Buenos Aires he has taken part as a dancer, teacher and organizer in Sweden, Denmark, Holland, Belgium, Germany, Scotland, England, Spain and Turkey.

Both together are a fresh, dynamic and energetic couple. Their performance comes from the simplicity to a complex and personal interpretation of the music, both traditional and modern tango. As teachers, they combine the precision of the technical and mechanical perspective of the movements, with the abstract world of sensations and feelings. They build their classes from strong and simple bases, to arrive to the complexity in an organic way. They understand the pedagogic experience as a "body-mind" interchange between students and teachers.

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Thursday, 14 June
The Red House Center, 15 Ljuben Karavelov St.
7.00pm - 8.30pm INTRO: Introduction to "tango nuevo". A workshop for everyone who wants to learn more about the contemporary forms of tango dancing. Suitable for dancers of all styles and levels including absolute beginners with no previous tango experience (all levels). You can book a place for this workshop through the Red House website.

Saturday, 16 June
Latin Dance Studio, 20th April Street No13
1.00pm - 2.30pm TECNICA 1: Women's technique (all levels)
3.00pm - 4.30pm MUSICALIDAD 1:New ideas for dancing to tango music from different time periods:  Orquesta Tipica Victor - Osvaldo Pugliese - Tanghetto (Electrotango) (advanced beginners & intermediate)
5.00pm - 6.30pm OPOSICIONES 1: Fundamentals of movements in opposition - boleos and sacadas (intermediate & advanced)

Sunday, 17 June
Latin Dance Studio, 20th April Street No13
1.00pm - 2.30pm TECNICA 2: Embrace, elasticity of embrace in axis and out of axis (all levels)
3.00pm - 4.30pm MUSICALIDAD 2: Dancing to the music of Astor Piazzolla (advanced beginners & intermediate)
5.00pm - 6.30pm OPOSICIONES 2: Fundamentals of movements in opposition - colgadas (intermediate & advanced)

Price per workshop per person - 20 BGN (approx. 10 EUR)

Registration and attendance in couples is required for all workshops except the workshops INTRO and TECNICA 1. Registration via e-mail: info[at]tanguerin[dot]com or in person during any event by TanguerIN Studio, or the regular milongas in Sofia (see Milongas in the website menu). Payment for the INTRO workshop can be made only at the Red House Center (tel. +359 2 988 81 88)


(includes tasting of wines from the Tango series by Rousse Winery)

Friday, 15 June
9.00pm - 12.00pm
The Red House Center, 15 Ljuben Karavelov St.
The Red Hall
Tickets: 8/6 BGN (approx. 4/3 EUR)